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Elidan LLC is Enfield’s premiere pressure washing company, handling the most challenging jobs with the gentlest care. Never before has a pressure washing company blasted the grime and stains off walls with such care and diligence.

Hire our pressure washing service to bring out the shine your home had when it was new. We offer the friendliest, most affordable pressure washing service in the Enfield area and beyond. And to back up this claim, we have our testimonials page full of praise from our previous clients.

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Here at Elidan LLC, we are proud to offer our pressure washing services to various townships in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

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Vinyl Siding


Your home’s vinyl siding is the main protection and insulation your property has against nature and the elements. The vinyl is built to withstand the wear and tear of protecting your house, but time breaks down all barriers. That’s where your neighbors at Elidan LLC come in.

We’ll install vinyl that’ll last you and your property thirty years! No one can beat our installation rates and quality service! And when the vinyl gets dirty, you can call us back for our house washing services.

Vinyl Repair

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